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Diamond polycrystalline peeling drawing die, its sharp blade will be the aluminum wire surface oxide layer impurity stripping.At present, carbide materials are used to make aluminum wire cutters in China.Carbide after all belong to the metal materials, however, there are some limitations, hardness compared with polycrystalline diamond gap is bigger, wear faster, polycrystalline diamond material is found in the world the highest hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal conductive materials, fastest polycrystalline diamond wear-resisting performance, 300-500 times that of carbide, sharp blade stripping when weld wire surface quality, roundness accuracy can be greatly improved.The life of diamond spalling die is more than 10-30 times that of hard alloy. Therefore, the diamond spalling tool made of diamond has attracted much attention for its excellent performance.

Features of diamond polycrystalline peeling drawing die:

1. The tool blade can be repaired many times and can be reused.

2. The edge of diamond polycrystalline knife is hard, its sharpness is much higher than other materials, and its life is more than 100 times of hard alloy.

3. The polycrystalline diamond has good thermal conductivity, and its heat dissipation effect is several times that of the hard alloy. The flaking chip becomes longer and thinner, which takes away a lot of heat and prevents the wire material from heat dissipation


4. The surface of the wire is bright and dense.Far beyond the hard alloy peeling effect.

5. Suitable for pure aluminum, aluminum silicon, aluminum magnesium alloy wire.

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