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Application of superhard nozzles in chemical industry

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Superhard nozzles are installed on all kinds of spray, spray, spray, sand blasting, spraying equipment, plays a different role, widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, electronic, cement, food, papermaking, printing, agriculture and other industries, can be said to be ubiquitous, due to material hardness is very high, its high wear resistance, high life, and strong alkali strong adaptability, bad working conditions, such as other material nozzle materials incomparable, superhard nozzle can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce equipment downtime.

I. classification of ultra-hard nozzles

1. According to material classification, it can be divided into: diamond nozzle and CBN nozzle.

2. According to the spray shape, it can be divided into tapered nozzle, fan nozzle, column flow (dc) nozzle, etc.

3. According to the classification of fluid properties, it can be divided into single (1) fluid nozzle, double (2) fluid nozzle and multiple fluid nozzle.

4. According to the application of industry classification, can be divided into the nozzle petrochemical nozzle, agriculture, textile, paper making nozzle spray nozzle, printing nozzle, environmental protection, desulphurization and denitration, denitrogenation and dust removal, etc.) nozzle, iron and steel metallurgy nozzle, coking nozzle spray nozzle, nozzle, food, etc.

5. According to the classification of spray media, it can be divided into water nozzle, oil nozzle, powder nozzle, gas nozzle, mixed media nozzle, coal water nozzle, etc.

Second, the application of

Thermal power plant

Flue gas desulfurization and dust removal, cooling tower spray, gas cooling, water tower cooling, flue gas washing, condenser cleaning, fire extinguishing, equipment descaling, sewage treatment, etc.

The chemical industry

Fire prevention and fire extinguishing, cooling tank, heat, deodorization, chemical processing, air cooling, chemical washing tower spray, water cooling, desulfurization dusting spray, electroplating, chemical cleaning spray, chemical raw materials and the spread of a variety of solution.

Pollution control

Waste water treatment, waste gas distribute, cleaning dust town, sewage processor of dust cleaning, sand blasting air filter, sewage spread defoaming, evaporation and concentration, flue gas washing wastewater, waste gas washing, road cleaning, making artificial fog, water plants, etc.

The iron and steel industry

High pressure water line, wire surface rust and high phosphorus removal, steel plate for cooling, oil, liquid medicine spraying, strip cooling, steel strip coil former oil, steel and steel pipe cooling, steel heat treatment quenching, mandrel lubricating oil cooling, cooling blow, galvanized process after washing rinsing, acid cleaning, such as smelting furnace dust removal, coke quenching.

Pulp and paper industry

Brush spray pipe, rotary screen cleaning, blanket cleaning cleaning, blankets, blankets spray bar more than wet, water washing, dehydration, paper strip, spray starch, cannon, humidification, tank cleaning, surface cleaning circulating in the pool, the watermark roller cleaning, vacuum roller cleaning, spread the stripping agent, sizing agent spray, punching net spray rod, sense, all kinds of roller cleaning cleaning, paper of humidification, calender roll cooling, flow slurry walls cleaning, paper cutting edge, etc.

The pharmaceutical industry

Microwalks, mesh cleaning, drug injection, tablet coating, liquid spraying, filter cleaning, equipment cleaning, gas cooling, barrel cleaning, etc.

The food industry

Steam humidification, temperature and wet, water washing, cleaning, flue gas cooling box factory, disinfection sterilization, sterilization tank cleaning, milk storage tank cleaning, mixing barrels cleaning, dry cleaning, cooling air purging, drying, etc.

Electronics, automobile industry

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, such as pipe liquid spraying, electronic board cleaning, vehicle washing, paint spraying, wax spraying, light spraying, filter cleaner cleaning, pre-coating treatment.

Machinery industry

Parts cleaning and painting, cleaning before painting, machinery cleaning, die casting machine cooling, die casting mold cooling cleaning, equipment cleaning spray paint, lubrication, metal processing cleaning.

The textile industry

Humidity controls textile mills to eliminate static electricity and dust.Principle of expanding shrinkage to improve fabric quality.

Other industries

Central air humidifying in addition to electrostatic equipment room, tobacco humidification, environmental protection, power stations, fire fighting, printed circuit board, glass cutting, cleaning, development and etching process furniture products cleaning spray paint, cleaner clean with nozzle, agricultural products, spraying and so on.

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