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Focus on the research and application of “Diamonds, CBN Superhard Materials and Superhard Holes Processing”
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Diamond nozzle core

Model:Custom processing
Performance:High wear resistance, long service life, easy replacement.
Application areas:Sandblasting, spraying, spraying, spraying, chemical, energy, paper, machinery and other industries.
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Polycrystalline materials with different properties are selected for different service environments, especially for harsh acid and alkali environment, high dust environment and high impact environment.

For different nozzle fluid types, different nozzle orifices are designed, and the inner hole of the machining aperture has a high finish, generally lower than Ra0.8. The surface quality of the inner hole can reach the mirror effect at the highest.

Since the hardness of diamond is 80-120 times that of hard alloy, its theoretical service life is much higher than that of ordinary hard alloy and gem nozzle material.Can reduce equipment downtime, improve production efficiency.Diamond polycrystalline strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, cobalt based binder polycrystalline can withstand high temperature of 800 degrees, silicon based binder can withstand high temperature of 1000-1100 degrees.Therefore, the nozzle works under various working conditions.

Henan ruizhong new material science and technology co., ltd. has 20 years of experience in the synthesis and processing of super-hard materials, the quality of the nozzle core produced by the stable, cost-effective advantages.

Parameter / Case

Physical and chemical properties of polycrystalline diamond

(1) PCD hardness can reach 8000HV, 80 ~ 120 times of hard alloy;

(2) the thermal conductivity of PCD is 700W/mK, 1.5 ~ 9 times that of hard alloy, and even higher than PCBN and copper.(3) PCD friction coefficient is generally only 0.1 ~ 0.3 (cemented carbide friction coefficient is 0.4 ~ 1) can significantly reduce the sliding resistance;

(4) the thermal expansion coefficient of PCD was only 0.9 * 10 ^ - 6-1.18 * 10 ^ 6, it was worth only 1/5 of the carbide;

Can produce nozzle aperture (0.05-25) mm,

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