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PCD scribing wheels

Performance:Roundness up to 0.0005, roughness of inner hole up to Ra0.5.
Application areas: PCD scribing wheels are widely used to cut glass such as LCD panels and substrates, touch screen, auto glass, optical glass, medical glass etc,
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PCD scribing wheels  mainly refers to diamond polycrystalline cutter wheel and diamond composite blade cutter wheel,Diamond cutter wheel is widely used in glass cutting industry because of its long life and high cutting quality.Diamond cutter wheel in use, cutting stability is required, diamond cutter wheel beat is very low, otherwise it will produce cutting crack, not sharp and other phenomena,Especially for the cutting of a group of multiple cutter wheels, the blade edge height of the cutter wheel is required to be highly consistent, and the operation of the cutter wheel is stable and unified, so the quality of the cutter wheel must meet the standard requirements.The factors influencing the use of the cutter wheel are the blade edge of the cutter wheel and the axle hole of the cutter wheel, and the quality of the axle hole of the cutter wheel directly determines the quality of the finished diamond cutter wheel.

Henan ruizhong new material  technology co., LTD. Fine hole processing center for diamond cutter wheel hole processing, specially designed the special fixture and processing equipment for machining cutter wheel hole.Developed a complete set of processing technology for hole processing of ultra-hard diamond cutter wheel,From super hard cutter wheel original punching→straight hole forming→straight hole coarse grinding→fine grinding and other processes.All inspection standards have been established.The inner hole roughness of the super-hard cutter wheel hole processed by our company is low, the ellipticity is small, and the aperture accuracy can reach the micron level.

Machining quality of cutter wheel hole:

1. Aperture tolerance up to 0.001mm

2. The maximum roundness can reach 0.0005mm

3. Other requirements can be customized processing production

Parameter / Case

Diamond cutter wheel general size table

Compound diamond cutter wheel

High permeability diamond cutter wheel

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