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PCBN cutting tool blanks

Performance:Good thermal stability, high sintering strength, good wear resistance.
Application areas:High wear-resistant cast iron, iron powder metallurgy metal, tool steel, die steel, alloy steel and quenched steel materials processing
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        The PCBN blank is a sintered body composed of a plurality of fine-grained CBN crystal grains and a cemented carbide substrate. It has high hardness and high wear resistance. It also has high toughness, chemical inertness and red hardness. It can be used for diamond grinding and grinding. It exhibits excellent cutting performance in all aspects of cutting and is stable at high temperatures. It is especially suitable for the processing of difficult-to-machine materials such as hardened steel, tool steel and chilled cast iron. The tool is sharp, the shape is good, the wear resistance is high, the unit wear is small, and the number of corrections is small, which is beneficial to automatic processing. Suitable for all machining from roughing to finishing.
        When the PCBN tool is used to cut hardened steel, the quenching hardness of the workpiece is required to be higher than 45HRC. When machining hard cast iron, good results can be obtained as long as the hardness reaches a medium hardness level.

PCBN composite features:

1. Known materials have high hardness and high temperature resistance.
2. PCBN red hardness up to 1370 °, more than doubled than diamond, cutting speed can reach carbide, ceramic tools 2-4 times. Therefore, cutting efficiency is higher.
3.PCBN has a strong chemical inertness, does not react with ferrous metals at high temperatures, and can process cast iron, alloy cast iron, high-speed P steel, alloys, and tungsten carbide and other materials.

Parameter / Case

PCBN Processing Parameters:

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