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PCD Form Tool

Model:Produced according to customer requirements
Performance:Long service life, high surface finish and stable product quality.
Application areas:3C Industry, Woodworking, Kitchenware, Metallurgy Roll, Mining Machinery, Engineering Machinery, Automotive(Milling, Turning Kitchen Tools, Auto-Parts Like Pistons,Cylinder Heads, Blocks, Connecting Rods, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Brake Disc, Valve), Wind Power, And The Bearings Industry.
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Henan Ruizhong New Material Technology Co., Ltd Supplies Series Of PCD Cutting Tools, PCD Form Tools,PCD Turning Tools, PCD Milling Tools, PCD Threading Tools, PCD Grooving Tools, PCD Boring Tools, Pcd Reamers, PCD Engraving Tools, PCD Saw Blades For Aluminum And Aluminum Alloys, Brass, Carbon And Graphite, Graphite Composites, Wood, Hard Stones, Hard Metal Rough Machining And Semi-Precise Machining.

1. High Processing Precision And High Work Efficiency.
2. High Speed Cutting And Hard Material Cutting.
3. High Abrasive Resistance And Thermal Conductivity, Long Lifespan, 10-20 Times That Of Tungsten Carbide Toolings.

Raw Material:
The PCD Cutting Tools Uses PCD Blanks And High Quality Tungsten Carbide Manufactured By World Famous Companies Including Element Six (DeBeers, E6), DI (GE), ILJIN, SMITH, SUMITOMO And TOMEI.

Parameter / Case

Case study of automobile processing industry

All sizes requirements can be customized with workpiece drawings or tool drawings.

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