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PCD endmill

Application areas: Ideally suited for finishing non ferrous metals and machining reinforced plastics
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PCD endmill is a welding PCD cutting edge on the alloy or high-speed steel tool matrix, which is mainly used for processing planes, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting workpieces on the milling machine.

1. The performance advantages of PCD endmill
(1) The service life of the tool is super long, which is 20-100 times that of the ordinary alloy tool, which saves the time of frequent tool change and tool setting;
(2) Suitable for high-efficiency processing, suitable for high-speed (8000-40000 rpm), dry processing, it is the first choice for modern high-efficiency processing, and it does not require cutting fluid, and is environmentally friendly and reliable;
(3) After the parts are processed, the dimensions are stable and the surface roughness is high. Due to the super abrasion resistance of the PCD material, the tool keeps the size unchanged during the processing of the parts, and ensures the size and shape tolerance of the processed workpiece. The roughness of the product processed by PCD milling cutter can reach Ra0.8-Ra0.16, which can completely replace the traditional grinding process with milling, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing cost!
(4) It can process high-hardness and difficult-to-machine workpieces, such as hard alloys, ceramics, marble, sintered alloys, high-silicon aluminum alloys and other composite difficult-to-machine materials.
2. The manufacturing process of PCD endmill
With the development and application of PCD tool technology, PCD endmill manufacturing new technology: PCD bar material can help design a variety of PCD tool geometries:
-Degree of freedom in design of chip flute contour
-Multiple chip flutes
-Unrestricted angle and direction of chip flutes
3. PCD endmill shape classification
PCD endmill is a tool made by welding a PCD composite sheet (PCD bar) to a carbide or steel cutter body. The high hardness, wear resistance, low friction coefficient and strength of polycrystalline diamond are combined with the high bending strength of tungsten carbide cemented carbide. The tungsten carbide cemented carbide layer provides mechanical support for the diamond layer and increases its resistance. Bending strength, at the same time the cemented carbide layer is easy to weld, and it can be used to make PCD endmill of various shapes.
Ruizhong PCD endmill can be divided into: PCD endmill,  PCD T-slot endmill, internal R milling cutter, stone carving and milling cutter, PCD ball end milling cutter, acrylic carving and milling cutter, PCD thread endmill, etc., can also be customized according to the tool pattern.
4. Application plan of PCD endmill
(1) Processing automotive aluminum alloy parts
Workpiece name: transmission top cover
Workpiece material: silicon aluminum alloy
Cutting conditions: dry cutting, asymmetric up-cut milling
Tool advantages: Compared with carbide end mills, Ruizhong PCD endmills have a life span of 20 times longer. In addition, the surface roughness, especially flatness, is also significantly improved.
(2) Machining aluminum alloy cylinder block
Workpiece name: Aluminum alloy cylinder block
Workpiece material: AlSi9Cu3 (Fe)
Cutting state: Intermittent cutting
Tool advantages: The application of Ruizhong PCD endmill in the actual machining of AlSi9Cu3 aluminum alloy cylinders is several times higher than that of cemented carbide and cermet tools, and the tool life is relatively more ideal.

Parameter / Case

Other sizes can be processed with drawings and samples.

Recommended Cutting Condition:

Work piece
Aluminum Alloy, Copper
30 ~ 300
2,000 ~ 12,000
0.02 ~ 0.07
Reinforced Plastic
35 ~ 300
2,800 ~ 16,000
0.04 ~ 0.12
Carbon steel, Graphite
10 ~ 100
5,300 ~ 16,000
0.04 ~ 0.2

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