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The research center of boron nitride materials of hebei university of technology
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The research center of boron nitride materials of hebei university of technology has made a breakthrough in the synthesis of boron cubic nitride.
The center recently completed research "photochemical reaction under atmospheric pressure synthesis of ultrafine cubic boron nitride nanoparticles" in the international famous journals "Angewandte Chemie" Germany applied chemistry "published on the published online, DOI: 10.1002 / anie. 201502023 r1).
"Angewandte Chemie" is a top international journal of chemistry.
Due to the importance of the research content of this paper and the hot areas involved, the paper was highly valued by Angew editors and was selected as hot paper.

Cubic boron nitride, which shows diamond structure, is a key tool material for advanced fine machining, especially in iron and steel material processing industry.
Cubic boron nitride synthesis usually require very high temperature and pressure, can be difficult to obtain the synthesis of cubic boron nitride boron nitride nanoparticles of small size, the team with laser irradiation target material, liquid ammonia borane as precursor, rapid one step synthesis of ultrafine cubic boron nitride nanoparticles, overcame the difficulties.
More importantly, this work proves that for the first time in the field of the boron nitride crystal grain size can be controlled crystal structure, grain size is larger than 20 nanometers soft performance surplus after the six-party structure, and the scale is smaller than 5 nm boron nitride is characterized by superhard cubic structure, the result is a breakthrough of cubic boron nitride synthesis.

Boron nitride materials center has been committed to the green synthesis, performance exploration and application development of boron nitride new materials, basic theory and experimental research.
The research is related to thermal insulation polymer based on boron nitride, micro-nano structure boron nitride, new adsorbent material, new non-rare earth luminescent material, cubic boron nitride material and absorbing material.
Case presentation
  • Application of diamond peeling drawing die in market
  • Application of superhard nozzles in chemical industry
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