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Superhard industry 2017 event
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2017 China Superhard Materials Industry Event

The Fourth Sanmao Exhibition was Successfully Held, the Industrial Chain Coordinated Development Opens up a New Future
The 4th China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasive Abrasives Grinding Exhibition was successfully held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 14th to 16th, 2017. The exhibition area is 20,000 square meters; there are 330 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and regions in the world; the exhibition attracts 25,000 professional visitors from 24 countries and regions to visit and purchase; dozens of forums and professional lectures are held at the same time; More than 50 professional media and mass media, nearly 100 reporters registered and reported the grand occasion of the Sanmu Exhibition.
In addition, this exhibition is based on the Sanma Exhibition, adding the bearing technology exhibition and the automotive supplies exhibition. It is an effective attempt to integrate the upstream and downstream industries. The collaborative development of the industrial chain not only broke the old development ideas, but also opened up new services. The scope, confidence and trust of exhibitors and visitors are also driven. The 4th China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasive Abrasives Grinding Exhibition was launched in history with great achievements! What is even more gratifying is that the Henan Provincial People’s Government General Office’s “Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Reform and Development of the Exhibition Industry” issued by the Henan Province recently stated that Sanma Exhibition will receive major support in the future, and it will be diligently cultivated to become an international player. A well-known brand exhibition with competitiveness and impact.

Super hard industry is favored by the capital market
In 2017, with the outstanding performance of the old-fashioned listed companies, such as the Yellow River Whirlwind, Zhongbing Hongjian (Zhongnan Diamond), and Yu Diamond, in the capital market and the outbreak of demand in the Diamond Wire market, the capital market is also facing the superhard material industry. Made popular. As a representative of new listed companies this year, Muller New Materials has obtained more than 100 million yuan of development funds for its "credit" in terms of its ability to innovate and research, and achieved rapid growth from incubation to listing. From the perspective of the superhard material industry, a number of superhard material companies have access to the capital market, which is a sign of the mature development of the industry and an important way for industry companies to seek new developments.
In addition, in November, 7 superhard material companies in Tancheng County were collectively listed in Zhengzhou, which is also a key step for diversified financing for SMEs in the industry and participation in the capital market. The listing transaction will help the company to give full play to the promotion of brand value and fully demonstrate the advantages of competition in the enterprise.

The 4th Standing Council Member (Extension) Conference of the Superhard Materials Branch was held successfully: Creating a broader and better future for the development of the industry
On May 15, 2017, the 4th executive director (expanded) conference of the 5th Superhard Materials Branch was held in New Century Grand Hotel Xi’an. More than 150 industry experts and representatives from the national superhard material industry attended the conference. The new director Yan Ning said at the meeting that he will continue to work hard with both the “service company” and the “creation of the environment” with the fifth session of the board of directors and the secretariat of the association, and constantly gather all forces to provide more high-quality and diverse products for industry and enterprises. Services, and create a good market environment, competitive environment and policy environment for the development of the industry. Create a broader and better future for the development of the industry.
In the future, the China Superhard Materials Branch will continue to work closely around the main points of the General Conference and further give full play to the role of the Association in providing services, reflecting appeals, and standardizing behaviors, aiming at building new social groups and focusing on improving service capabilities of the industry. , Advocating enterprises to carry out transformation and upgrading in accordance with the “Superhard Materials Industry 2020 Development Plan” to adapt to changes in the country’s new economic situation, and to push China’s advancement from a superhard material power to a powerful country.

Prof. Tian Yongjun of Yanshan University was elected as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017
On November 28th, Alice headline was informed from the official website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that according to the "Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Constitution" and the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician's Co-opted Selection Work", in 2017 the Chinese Academy of Sciences elected 61 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 16 Foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Among them, Professor Tian Yongjun of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Yanshan University was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and China’s superhard material industry officially ushered in the second academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Professor Tian Yongjun creatively established a microscopic model of the hardness of covalent crystals, solved the recognized problem of "quantitative prediction of hardness" in the academic world, and realized the quantification of superhard material design. The research results have been highly evaluated by academicians such as the American Academy of Sciences, and have been widely used by more than 100 international research institutions. A series of superhard crystals have been designed and some have been experimentally synthesized. The focus of the American Physical Review was a special review on the topic of “Released the veil of hardness”, stressing the difficulty and value of work. The research results won the 2011 National Natural Science Second Prize (the first prize winner).

Demand for Diamond Powder Market Breaks Out
With the rapid development of new energy and electronics industries, the use of hard and brittle materials such as silicon crystals, sapphire, and zirconia ceramics has become increasingly widespread. The rapid growth in market demand is stimulating and accelerating the development of China's diamond wire manufacturing industry. In particular, since the first half of this year, due to factors such as cost and environmental protection, photovoltaic polycrystalline companies are rapidly switching from traditional mortar cutting to diamond wire cutting, which has led to an explosive growth in the market demand for diamond wire, due to this technology conversion. The process exceeded the original expectation of the entire industry, resulting in a serious shortage of capacity of the Diamond Wire, and various diamond wire manufacturers have accelerated capacity expansion. According to the incomplete statistics of AiLiS headline Xiaobian, the current domestic diamond wire production companies mainly include: Yangling Meichang, Muller New Materials, Tony New Materials, Yicheng New Energy, Ruiqi New Materials, Sanchao New Materials, Stars Technology and so on. In addition, diamond wire makers will have a centralized listing in 2017. The leading companies listed on the Diamond Wire line include Sanchao New Materials, Tony Electronics, and Kanre New Materials. With the success of the listing, these companies have lent in huge amounts of money and have prepared sufficient bullets for the expansion of the Diamond Wire production line. The Diamond Wire market has officially entered a period of high capacity expansion.
The diamond powder market has also experienced explosive growth. Compared to traditional mortar cutting, diamond wire has high efficiency, long service life, high cutting precision, good silicon quality, and is conducive to environmental protection and many other advantages. The diamond and micropowder industry is showing a thriving scene. At present, most of the orders for micropowder companies are received in July and August of next year and are already in full production.

6, synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds several market battle
According to the statistics of Ai Ruitou headline reporter: In China alone, in addition to the three giants of the Yellow River Whirlwind, South China Diamond, and Henan Diamond, there are more than a dozen companies have begun to get involved in the "cultivation of diamonds" production and manufacturing areas. In particular, since the second half of 2015, the cultivation of diamonds has continued to heat up in the global market, especially the continuous breakthrough in the production technology of large-granule cultured diamonds. At the same time, foreign well-known synthetic diamond companies have continuously announced their entry into China and further stimulated the cultivation of the diamond market. What makes natural diamond manufacturers even more anxious is that as people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to rise, as well as the ethical controversy about “diamond drilling” in natural diamond mining, it has more or less influenced the consumer community’s perception of natural diamonds. And attitude. According to the latest financial report of the jewelry industry, the overall turnover of the diamond brand in 2017 declined. In order to stabilize the market, natural diamond manufacturers began to counterattack in various aspects in 2017. Obviously, in the game with natural diamonds, the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic diamonds coexist, which adds a bit of uncertainty to their development prospects.

Superhard industry actively explores smart manufacturing
In 2017, the application and significance of smart manufacturing in the superhard materials and products industry has caused more and more attention and discussion in the industry. No matter from the aspects of product development, manufacturing, marketing, etc., the industry is actively exploring and practicing. Intelligent manufacturing concepts and technologies in the industry application and promotion prospects. In March 2017, Sanmao held a smart manufacturing project launch meeting. Fully promote the implementation plan of the Sanmaoshui Intelligent Manufacturing Project, and strive to improve the advantages of superhard material product manufacturing process and move forward to the world-class precision machine tool manufacturers. As a leader in the superhard material products industry in China, Sanmor has been searching for an efficient, stable, and suitable modern production model in recent years. Sanmaozuo Smart Manufacturing Project includes new smart production lines, technology research and development, and MES informatization. At the same time, it implements combing and optimization of production site management processes.

In 2017, the superhard material industry is trying hard to explore the smart manufacturing field with a positive attitude.

The 21st China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum ended successfully.
On September 12th, in order to better encourage and guide corporate independent innovation, keep pace with national policies, seize opportunities for development in the new situation, establish and practically implement the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open, and shared development and maintain the industry. Healthy and orderly development, the 21st China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum jointly organized by China Machine Tool Industry Association Superhard Materials Branch and Superhard Materials Abrasives State Key Laboratory The U.S. Hotel was grandly held. More than 260 representatives from industry leaders, experts, scholars, and business units from all over the country attended the forum.
A total of 23 reports were arranged at this forum, covering policy analysis, industry reports, market applications, and new product introductions. The conference focused on the theme of "innovation, intelligence, integration, and sharing" to discuss and discuss ideas for the development of the industry under the new situation.

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