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The ultra-thick diamond composite was successful
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We celebrate the success of our company's research and development of 4.5mm ultra-thick diamond composites

At present, most of the diamond composites are coal field chips and petroleum chips, and the thickness of the diamond layer is generally as thick as 2.5mm.It is mainly used in coal field development, mining, oil drilling, natural gas drilling and stone processing industries.

Traditional diamond composites

According to market demand feedback, there is a growing demand for diamond tools in aerospace, high-speed railway, shipbuilding and other industries. Traditional carbide tools are gradually replaced by ultra-hard ones.Many traditional tool manufacturers in China are also developing in this direction. However, due to the limitation of materials, ultra-thick diamond composites have always been the bottleneck of this new product.As a high-tech enterprise committed to the development of the super hard material industry, the market demand is the direction of our research and development. Therefore, our company has been exploring the r&d of super thick composite films since 2017.

Our company synthesized 4.5mm ultra-thick diamond composite

Due to the thickening of the composite layer, the greater the stress, the more prominent the layered cracking problem, who can solve this problem can grasp the development opportunity.Therefore, we passed numerous material tests, from the choice of alloy, to the synthesis of technology, and the optimization of formula. Through numerous tests, the diamond composite with a net thickness of 4.5mm composite layer was finally born in henan ruizhong new material technology co., LTD.

The blank of bit milling cutter produced by our company's ultra-thick composite sheet (the right side has been grooved)

The following is the material stability test. We applied the ultra-thick diamond composite successively to wear-resistant parts, drills and milling cutters. Through many practical production tests, we proved the stability, reliability and high strength of our materials.The wear-resistant parts made of are of outstanding wear resistance, with a life of 1.5 times that of similar products and more than 30 times that of hard alloys.The diamond polycrystalline drill has sharp edge, high surface finish and long service life.

Our company synthesizes the ultra thick composite chip production diamond polycrystalline drill finished product

Case presentation
  • Application of diamond peeling drawing die in market
  • Application of superhard nozzles in chemical industry
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