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Research on a new type of diamond composite stone sawtooth
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PDC, has the hardness and strength of the diamond and carbide toughness at the same time, as a kind of advanced composite material, widely used in mining stone mining and processing, aiming at a kind of advanced stone processing equipment, its most tooth head materials used for cemented carbide, due to the diamond carbide hardness, low hardness, its wear resistance is much lower than the diamond material, so a lot of manufacturers have adopted as PDC tooth head material.

Under the general for the cylinder head, cylinder has a smaller diameter of the cylinder, small cylinder is fixed on the rack with trough, because diamond compact and carbide production of raw materials there is a big difference, cemented carbide for powder metallurgy sintering body, its shape size mainly depends on the mould size, complex geometry can be made into different shapes.

Diamond compact, high temperature and high pressure synthesis, its influenced by synthetic cavity, most synthetic only simple cylinder, such as tooth stone head, need on the alloy processed into the steps of the size, our company (henan sharp all the new material technology co., LTD.) for carbide characteristics, targeted to choose the appropriate processing tools, tools of machining alloy materials through special processing, through the parameters of the many thousands of times test, machining efficiency and machining yield twice is currently on the market, its manufacturing cost loss was reduced by 30%.The competitiveness of our company has been greatly improved, which has made our product line take a firm foothold in the industry and laid a solid foundation for the impact on foreign markets and the replacement of cemented carbide gear heads with diamond composites.

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