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Application of PCD standard indexable blade in aluminum alloy processing

Application of PCD standard indexable blade in aluminum alloy processing

In cutting aluminum alloy, the PCD blade life is dozens of times and even hundreds of carbide blade, is an ideal material to the aluminum alloy parts precision machining, and has been applied to fine car aluminum alloy piston ring groove, fine boring alum

Processing characteristics of aluminum alloy:

1. Compared with titanium alloy and other hardened steel, the hardness of aluminum alloy is lower, of course, it has been heat treated, or the hardness of die-casting aluminum alloy is also high.The HRC hardness of ordinary aluminum plate is generally below HRC40 degree.Therefore, when processing aluminum alloy, the tool load is small.Because the heat conductivity of aluminum alloy is better, the cutting temperature of milling aluminum alloy is lower, which can improve its milling speed.

2. Aluminum alloy has low plasticity and low melting point.When processing aluminum alloy, it has serious problems of sticking tool, poor chip removal performance and high surface roughness.Improper tool materials are adopted to process aluminum alloy, often because of sticking knife, chip removal and other problems caused tool wear and tear.

PCD material characteristics:

1. The hardness of PCD can reach 8000HV, which is 8-12 times of hard alloy;

2. The thermal conductivity of PCD is 700W/mK, 1.5 ~ 9 times of hard alloy, even higher than PCBN and copper, so the heat transfer of PCD tool is rapid.

3. The friction coefficient of PCD is generally only 0.1 ~ 0.3 (the friction coefficient of hard alloy is 0.4 ~ 1), so PCD tool can significantly reduce the cutting force;

4. The PCD of thermal expansion coefficient of only 0.9 * 10 ^ - 6-1.18 * 10 ^ 6, only equivalent to 1/5 of the carbide, so the PCD cutting tool thermal deformation is small, high machining accuracy;

5. The affinity between PCD tool and non-ferrous and non-metallic materials is small, and the chip cutting is not easy to adhere to the tool tip during processing to form the chip collecting tumor.

Aluminum alloy is the most widely used in industry of non-ferrous metal structural materials, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipping and have been extensively applied in chemical industry, the aircraft fuselage, envelope, such as compressor often with aluminum alloy manufacture, to lighten the weight, the welding of aluminum alloy instead of steel material and structure weight can reduce more than 50%.

In order to improve the performance of the aluminum alloy processing elements of silicon (Si), and the increasing of the silicon content in the materials processing performance, especially the high silicon aluminum alloy, ever used cemented carbide cutting tool is hard to carry on the processing, when cutting tool alternately cutting soft and hard aluminum silicon particles, using common cemented carbide cutting tool is easy to wear and tear, and the cutting tool is easy to produce the devolop tumor, thus will worsen the machining accuracy and surface roughness.To avoid chip stacking and machining hardening, the blade must be sharp, the blade must be smooth, and the PCD blade meets these requirements.PCD blade is the most effective tool material for processing aluminum alloy, especially high silicon aluminum alloy.

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