Let Superhard Materials Drive Tool Innovation Revolution

Focus on the research and application of “Diamonds, CBN Superhard Materials and Superhard Holes Processing”
Diamond Market Application CBN market application Hole processing market applica
PCD saw blade is an ideal product for wood working, with high precision, low rou

PCD saw blade is an ideal product for wood working, with high precision, low rou


Machinery industry

Diamond grinding tool is a special tool for grinding hard alloy.When grinding the carbide turning tool on the cutting edge, it takes 4-15g of GC abrasive for each 1g of metal to be removed, while only 2-4mg of diamond is consumed.

Electronics industry

Hard and brittle precious semiconductor materials, such as silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc., need cutting and grinding to make small chip semiconductor devices.At present, the most suitable method is to use diamond cutting saw blade.Polishing semiconductor materials with diamond grinding paste is not only efficient, but also capable of reaching the maximum surface roughness Ra0.006um.

Optical glass and gemstone processing industry

The former use of silicon carbide processing optical glass, low efficiency, poor working conditions.Diamond grinding tools have been adopted for all machining now, including fine grinding of blanking, nesting, cutting, grinding edges and convex and concave surfaces.

Drilling and mining

Diamond drill is widely used in drilling and mining of petroleum, coal, metallurgy and geological exploration.

Construction and building materials industries

Diamond tools are widely used in the cutting and grinding of marble, granite, artificial cast stone and concrete building materials.

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  • Application of superhard nozzles in chemical industry
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