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The use of diamond compacts in oil drilling

The use of diamond compacts in oil drilling

Due to the complex and varied geology of the oil drilling process, as a superhard material, the diamond compact is widely used in oil drills.

The diamond composite drill bit is PDC drill bit. Because PDC has both the high hardness of diamond and the toughness of hard alloy, it has been widely used in the hard formation of oil drilling. In application, PDC drill bits have many advantages in oil drilling in the complex geological environment of hard strata.
PDC drills use a diamond polycrystalline layer. Diamonds are hundreds of times more durable than typical hard alloys. Therefore, PDC bits are widely used in drilling.
In the composition of the drill bit, the cutting tooth is its main component, which is mainly applied to the soft shale layer in the early stage of PDC. With the improvement of PDC technology and the continuous optimization of the performance and structure of the drill bit. The PDC bit can now be used in hard rock formations and hard sandwiches in long sections. In addition, the PDC bit has the advantage of being highly targeted, with targeted drilling schemes based on the geological characteristics of the blocks drilling into the formation and the depth of the formation.

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