Diamond products Diamond products

Widely used in mine development, oilfield development, non-ferrous metals and non-metal processing, chemical cleaning, jet spray and high wear resistance products

CBN products CBN products

Due to the red hardness and great hardness of CBN, it shows excellent performance in metal processing and is widely used in the processing of cast iron, hardened steel, alloy steel, and roll materials.

Superhard material fine hole processing Superhard material fine hole processing

EDM, wire cutting, laser, fine grinding and other special means, the minimum aperture of up to 0.05mm, internal bore roughness up to Ra0.025, can process a variety of hole-type structure.

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Henan Ruizhong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in R&D, production and sales of superhard materials. It is equipped with PCD inserts, PDC composite sheets, new PCD indexable inserts, CBN single crystals, CBN powder, PCBN composite sheet, PCBN monolithic sheet, new PCBN indexable inserts, superhard tools, super-hard and fine hole processing services, and many other product lines; product raw materials adopt advanced synthesis technology, unique processing methods, and comprehensive product benefits High, widely used in metal and non-metal processing, mining energy mining, chemical, jet, printing, high-strength wear-resistant parts and other related industries, especially superhard material hole processing and custom processing services, has been widely praised by related industries.
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    Henan Ruizhong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and processing of super-hard materials and products. We adopt advanced synthetic technology and adopt a unique post-processing method to eliminate the residual synthetic stress. The synthesized material is stable and the current advanced electricity is used. Processing, laser processing, and ultrasonic processing methods, combined with traditional grinding methods, produce products with high precision and good surface finish. Due to the excellent physical properties of superhard materials, they have high hardness and wear resistance, so the products are extensive. Applied to oil/gas development, mining, metal and non-metal processing, chemical, cleaning, jet, electronics, printing and other industries.
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